Sunday School

Sunday School Hours

10:30 - 11:30 AM
Every other Sunday

September - May

Holy Apostles encourages regular attendance and participation in both the Divine Liturgy and Sunday School. Sunday School classes are 30 minutes long and held each Sunday after communion, from September through May for Pre-school through grade 8. Children are encouraged to join their fellow classmates in the front pews by 10:30 AM. At this time Sunday School lessons are offered every other Sunday with the encouragement of attending church as a family and participating in the full divine liturgy on the alternate Sundays.

While primary religious instruction should occur in the home, it is the mission of the Holy Apostles Sunday School program to supplement that instruction in a way that is age appropriate and accessible to our children. Through artwork, group discussion, reading, lecture and music, the Sunday School curriculum includes topics from how to do your cross, what it means to fast to proper decorum and behavior while in the Church. The children will learn the symbolism that is the Divine Liturgy, understand the sacraments, learn the essential prayers of our faith, including the Nicene Creed and Lord’s Prayer and learn how to pray. Older children will engage in thoughtful discussion about what it means to live an Orthodox Christian life.

We are living in very challenging times where the world is becoming secular and separated. The basis of our everyday begins and ends with our faith. The curriculum uses sources from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and is based on the instruction of Orthodox worship, scripture and Holy Tradition.

Volunteers Needed

We are currently in need of additional Sunday School teachers. Teaching is vital work. If you are looking for an opportunity to reach our children to teach them about God’s word and impact their lives, please reach out to the contact below.


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