Greek School

Greek School Hours

4:30 - 6:30 PM

September - May

no classes during Massachusetts school vacation weeks


Instruction in the Modern Greek language is held two afternoons a week at Holy Apostles. Students become proficient in the Greek language as well as the principles and traditions of the Greek Orthodox Faith. The purpose of Greek School is to teach the Greek language with the goal of promoting and continuing the Greek culture among our students.

During the Greek School program, children will learn to read and write as well as learn about the Greek Orthodox faith and worship, the history and civilization of their ancestors and life in contemporary Greece. Students partake in ancestral cultural experiences and learn to appreciate the values of the Greek Orthodox heritage and traditions. Along with reading and studying, the students will learn dances, songs and the narration of Greek myths and fairytales.

Our Greek School program is for children from pre-school age to grade 6. Two programs are presented each year following divine liturgy, Christmas and Greek Independence Day.


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