At the end of the Divine Liturgy there is a beautiful prayer that the Priest recites in front of the icon of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that says "God bless those who love the beauty of your house". We are indeed blessed to have one of the most beautiful church edifices, not only in the area, but in all of New England and the Holy Metropolis of Boston.

We gather at our church to worship every Sunday, to celebrate sacraments, to pray together and to speak to God in the most intimate way. Every pew is a reminder of those that tirelessly built this church and filled these seats. It is not an understatement to proclaim that the love we profess for our church is reflected in the physical beauty that exists in our edifice.

Our church was built in 1940 and over the past 83 years, it has withstood harsh New England winters and significant torrential rainfall, resulting in extensive water damage on the interior walls of our church. On May 7, 2023, a general assembly was held and parishioners in attendance had a discussion regarding the structural repairs needed to fix the extensive water damage in our church and the deteriorating exterior and interior edifice of the entire complex.

This project will be completed in phases. First, assessing and repairing the current structural damage, repointing brick work, sealing the church and repairing deteriorated stone throughout the church and classroom buildings. Secondly, assessing and repairing and/or replacing the roof where necessary and thirdly we will concentrate on rectifying the interior of the church that has been visibly affected by this damage.

These repairs are critical for maintaining the integrity of the building. Thank you for your consideration and support.

Select the Building Fund option online or mail your donation to the church office and note you want to support the Building Fund.

Aerial View of Church Property