Parish Council

President: Anastasia Dimopoulos
Vice President: Denise Stamulis
Secretary: Alexandra Coios Dimou
Treasurer: Eugenia Dimopoulos
Assistant Treasurer: Kara Kosmes Conlin

Martha Cutrumbes Brienze
Charilaos Filippakis
Robert Lavallee
Mikel Papoutsy
Aristedes Pardales
Maria Syrniotis

The Parish Council is the administrative body of our parish elected by its stewards for the purpose of working together with the Parish Priest to fulfill the mission and goals of our community.

Historically, clergy and laity have worked together in dealing with matters of the Church’s life. The Parish Council is an example of the synergy of clergy and laity; it is a vehicle for implementing the ongoing mission of the Church and planning the necessary strategies, policies, procedures, and activities that will enable the Parish to move forward in accomplishing God’s work.

The Parish Council is elected to serve a special ministry that requires total love, loyalty, and dedication to Christ and His Church. Parish Council members are official representatives of the Church and thus are expected to exert every effort to exemplify its sacred character and spirit. Members of the Parish Council assumed three basic obligations that will guide this ministry:

1. To understand, live by, and uphold the tenets, teachings, and traditions of the Greek Orthodox Church;

2. To understand and abide by the Regulations (formerly known as the UPR) as set forth by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America through the Clergy-Laity Congresses.

3. To live by and uphold your oath of office by utilizing your God-given time, talents, and treasures for the spiritual progress and advancement of your parish.

Parish Council members serve as role models for parishioners and must take their ministry very seriously. They should lead by example by attending Church and parish events, and regularly participating in the sacramental life of the Church. By doing so, they will have a powerful effect on the overall life of the community. If Parish Council members treat everyone with love and respect, as Christ loves us, then parishioners will do likewise.


  • Assist the Parish Priest in the administration of the ministries of the Parish
  • Planning, developing, organizing, and implementing stewardship programs and various educational ministries of the Church
  • Reporting and communicating to the parishioners the work and ministries of the Church at the Metropolis and Archdiocesan levels
  • Recruiting and training others for further service
  • Serve the needs of the faithful and to spread the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Elections take place each year in December.

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